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The Eye Gazing Test is a connecting tool available to everyone who would like to foster a moment of honesty and togetherness through questioning and answering.

The psychologist Arthur Aron designed this questionnaire that was created to develop a bridge of trust and feelings between two strangers or reinforce the bond of intimacy with someone we already know. Due to the depth of the questionnaire, feelings of empathy, vulnerability, new levels of confidentiality and, in some cases, love can be generated between the parts. In the case of established couples, the questionnaire opens new areas of knowledge.

By gazing into the eyes of the other, opening through questions and having the proper disposition, a unique experience of transcendental connection on several levels can be achieved.

How open are you to fall in love with someone you do not know, to make an intimate friendship more profound or to know more about your partner?

Here you have the chance.


Marina Abramovic is an artist expert on the subject of holding the gaze. She argues that in order to really see - and feel connected to - someone, you need to have a calm body and mind. Start by pausing your breath until it is "almost imperceptible," Abramovic says. You may experience all kinds of discomfort during the encounter, including muscle pain, dry eyes or repetitive thoughts that distract you. Do not stop at them.

Choose a place where both partners are comfortable, sitting face to face.

Before you ask the questions, start with the Eye Gazing experience. For two minutes you will look into each other's eyes.

Do not speak to your interlocutor, do not touch him or her. Focus your eyes between the eyebrows of that person, so that you can see both pupils simultaneously. Do not look away. Visual contact causes avoidance behavior in many species, but humans are exquisitely attuned to it.

Now that you've finished the Eye Gazing experience, start with the questions.
There are 36 questions distributed in 3 sets (15 minutes per set).

You can pause between sets.

The questionnaire can be completed in 45 minutes.

Please agree who asks the questions and who answers first.

It is important that you answer all the questions.

The questionnaire can be suspended at the moment anybody wishes it.

It is important to be present with your partner, keep your eyes on him or her while they respond and also when you respond.

Respect for the answers, kindness and constant gratitude are elements that ensure a good flow to the dynamic.

The use of telephones should be limited, only use it if you need light or if you have the questionnaire on the mobile.

Close with a new Eye Gazing, this time for 4 minutes.

If you feel like it, we recommend hugging each other after the closing Eye Gazing.

Marina Abramovic thinks that lack of eye contact is paralyzing modern culture. Although logic tells us that we need to look more closely at our loved ones, she argues that looking into the eyes of a stranger is potentially more transformative, she calls it "one of the most powerful experiences you can have."


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